Many of us tend to set lofty goals and formulate resolutions during the New Year…. but how many of us re-examine our goals quarterly? Most successful business do this. Each season is an opportunity to reflect, re-assess, and re-formulate our plans based on the results of the prior three months.

For example: this year, one of my resolutions was to write 500,000 words by the end of the year. In order to do that, I have to write at least 1,400 words per day. For the first few weeks, I was doing great, even surpassing my expectations on some days. Unfortunately, like most people who set unrealistic goals, I started falling short. So I've decided to re-assess my goals and try to do something a bit more reasonable. During Spring, my new expectation of myself is to journal only 500 words per day. I will follow this expectation throughout the next 3 months, until Summer starts. On the Summer Solstice, I will reflect, re-assess, and re-formulate my goals again based on the results I achieve from this new aim.

Do you think this is "lowering the bar?" too much? Is this a recipe for mediocrity and underachievement? Or could this be a more reasonable and successful method of gradually, over the course of the year, getting to the point where I meet my daily quota of 1,500 words per day without even having to think or stress about it at all? What are some of YOUR writing goals and how successful have you been at achieving them? Do you tend to fall short or are you "Crushing It" like Gary Vee? Let me know what you think!

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