I am a 14 year old.And a naive , pretentious one nonetheless.Other than writing at school for stupid assignments and speeches, I don't really do a whole lot of writing(if any) and my read history isn't anything special either.

Its almost obvious that getting started reading is what I need right now ,especially when my use of language is I guess above average and yet I feel even though I have things to share , they in themselves might be quite average and lacking anything unique or perspective even.I feel that the stuff I have to say is something anyone else could come up with, even though I'd say I do pretty well in class.I feel like I am in fucking 7th or 8th grade vocabulary wise. I guess its only now I feel like giving a shit so that this may be an outlet for my general depression.I guess its obvious now that I am in dire need of reading material.

Essentially , what books would you recommend to me to fill this void of language (and inspiration) in my head?

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