I consider myself a bit of a fan of WW2 history but even after watching more documentaries than I can count on WW2, including quite a lot on the Battle of the Atlantic I have often wondered why British and American submarine actions are rarely talked about?

I mean I know a tiny bit about American submarines in the war, and how they basically did the same thing as the U-Boats, taking out Japanese merchant vessels as well as their warships but all the knowledge I have is very vague. In fact the most specific thing I know about American submarines is that for the first year or two when they were fighting they were fighting with a defective torpedo that would fail to explode way more than one would expect.

and that is a lot compared to what I know of the British submarines, which is essentially nothing. I once recall reading that a British submarine managed to destroy a German submarine underwater, and it being the only time it happened in the war, but that is all I know. I don't know how many British subs there were, or what they really did during the war.

So my general question is about British and American submarines in general, as well as why they are not really talked about in WW2 documentaries, at least nowhere near as much as the German U-Boats. Were the American and British submarine programs just so small they don't really warrant much discussion, or was there some other reason?

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