So during the Cold War the United States and Soviet Union came close to nuclear war on several occasions and by extension their respected allies in NATO and the WARSAW PACT. But if a global nuclear war occurred between these factions, realistically speaking what would be the outcome for the rest of the world? Would it be all life on the planet killed off by nuclear winter or just both the SU and US becoming second rate military powers after loosing a few of their larger cities. What would the outcome be with the resources these nations had in the 50s? 60s? 70s? And 80s? And most importantly, what countries would have definitely been targeted in a nuclear strike. Like okay Bulgaria might have been in the Warsaw Pact technically but did the US actually plan to send any missiles their way? Would China and Yugoslavia been considered neutral? Was their any country in the Middle East or Africa strategically worth bombing? Would Australia, India, South Africa or literally any country in South America be bombed by either superpower for any reason? Was the MAD doctrine as seen as a military deterrent just to protect the Soviet Union and United States from loosing a new type of conflict or would have any prolonged nuclear conflict take mankind as a whole back to the Stone Age?

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