What did the writers of the US constitution say about the House of Representatives? I’m looking for specific writings.


Hi all,

I've been googling around for a few days now without too much luck, and I figured I could ask here.

I'm looking for writings from the founders about the House of Representatives. Specifically, I'm hoping to find sources that show:

-How the House should differ from the Senate, and why. I want to find their back and fourths on this, I know it was heavily discussed.

-How representatives should be distributed among states, and why.

-How many representatives there should be, and why. Same with Senators.

-Why the congressional Recess was created.

A lot of this is sort of "common knowledge" but I haven't been able to find specific sources outside the constitution. I know they exist, because whenever I search for this stuff I find a bunch of articles that vaguely attribute certain ideas to founders, without citation. Where is the best place to look for these kinds of records? Does anyone here know some good sources for these questions?

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