Let me be the first to say, I'm really not a writer. I'm more of a story teller, if that makes any sense. I like stories. I'm completely in love with the ideas of narrative and world building. But I don't know how to actually craft it. How to put it into a form that a person could pick up and enjoy. That I could even go back and enjoy myself.

I had an idea strike me once that I've been madly in love with for a few years now. A near-future cyberpunk sort of deal. Good ole' Bladerunner or Neuromancer, can't get much nerdier than that.

I got bold and decided I would try to write it as a book. Posted on here a couple of times for advice already. But now I'm sitting at well over 100 pages worth of notes, details, lore, and world building. A painful amount of minutiae about the characters, locations, history, and events that should occur along the way.

But the more lore I build, the more intimidated I become of trying to put it into written form. I've really lost all sense of what makes the story and what is trivial. What's worth mentioning for the sake of world building and painting a picture, and what's just slowing me down. I'm just too involved with what I've thought up to know how to give it to others.
Is this normal? Is this a thing that can happen? Is there a solution or fix or easy method to getting too 'lost' in what you're trying to create? Or does it all boil down to me biting off more than I can chew? Trying to write a Hogwarts when I barely have the skills for a B-rated Sci-fi.

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I know there likely isn't any "magical author" trick that will help a simple lack of ability. But any advice on organizing a mess of details would be greatly appreciated.

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