So I have this problem that is really holding me back from excelling and it sucks, greatly.

I will be uber grateful to anyone that takes the time to read this, let alone bother to reply.

I am struggling with ever pondering on whether I should write dialogue in my stories. And this next thing will probably get me some downvotes but it is the truth, so I’d rather get downvoted for being honest than lie. At least when it comes to stuff like this. See, I have a passion for good looking text, clean and square. Now, I know that only poetry is supposed to be visually striking but I really wanna incorporate that into prose. Even my style of writing is very abstract and influenced by vague poetry. So it is only natural for me to aim towards sightly bodies of work.

This is where dialogue comes into the story. Although not crucial, it is a huge help in telling a story. The problem is, it messes up the structure of my paragraphs, visually speaking. And I know it might sound silly, but I really hate that. I want clean and minimalist paragraphs.

I don’t know if I should accept that I just can’t get on board with writing dialogue or somehow magically change the way I think about writing stories. If there are any ways of writing dialogue that won’t mess with the cubism of my paragraphs, please tell me. At this point, anything is welcome.

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