What do you think about Italian Risorgimento?


In Italy we are kinda patriotic, but in these years we have revalued the idea of an epic, romantic miracle of Unity.

For some people the unification was reached by force and cruelty on submitted populations: the Savoy's Kingdom only applied its constitution in all Italian land and when some people revolted they just sent troops, an example is the South's revolt of "Brigantaggio", when the farmers(but also the Borbonic military and the church) rose up because Garibaldi(during the Expedition of the Thousand) promised them the redistribution of the lands that in fact never happened. There are still so much controversies about this, because others says that the "Brigantaggio" existed even under Two Sicilies and in the first times of Unity the Savoys were not able to handle it.

Another controversy is about Garibaldi: the majority consider him a national hero, but someone think that he was a liar, an opportunist who won just because he was supported by the English.

In conclusion, I just want to know your opinions about this hot and modern issue and to start an enjoyable discussion.

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