the world build of my story is mainly inspired by Trigun and Moebius artwork, but without the western theme.

It's set in a future that is post-post-apocalyptic. I say post-post, because it's not dystopian. The galaxy practically ended from a destructive force thousands of years ago, and a small collection of humans (and aliens) managed to escape by isolating themselves to a solar system with very limited natural resources. since then, a couple of thousands of years in the future, they have rebuilt a primitive society on these worlds, and are warring against each other with incredibly ancient space ships and weaponry that they do not understand how to repair or recreate. Most battles are done with swords as they don't have the technological knowledge of how to build muskets that would work in a vacuum. life on the ground is more similar to a nomadic lifestyle akin to the golden age of arabia. i'm not even sure if i should call it archaeology when people scavenge the ancient dead tech in space or look for ancient tech on the ground to try and get it to work and sell it/use it.

the main focus of the story is military warfare, in space, with said limitations and primitive values. and the ever looming threat of the destructive force that was once stopped so long ago, nearly forgotten, almost mythical.

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