What Happened to The World’s Largest Painting? London Colosseum


I've come across the information that a 'London Colosseum' was built in regents park in 1825, and demolished in 1874. It was built to house the largest painting in the world (at the time), a 40,000 square feet panorama of London by E.T. Parris.

The Colosseum was complete for around 40 years until its demolition, yet I can't seem to find any photographs, detailed accounts, renditions, or even basic information about the painting.

I was wondering if any of you had any more information about this, as surely the painting must exist somewhere. It's hard to imagine a 40,000 square feet panoramic of London from the early 1800s can disappear without a trace.


EDIT: I'll keep record here of the key elements as we know them.

1873: Upon Pariss's (artist) death, the painting was purchased and sent to New York for display in a building purpose built to exhibit it. I'm yet to find the name of the purchaser, or the exhibition.

Source: reddit post


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