What influence did US political ideology and culture have on the UK?


Hi, I was just thinking about how in the 19th century there were two at least notionally (with restricted franchise) democracies in the world – the US and the UK in the 19th (beyond France's flirtation 1840s + 1871-).

I know that US democracy impacted the French concept of democracy both directly through France's involvement in the War of Independence and the French Revolution and de Tocqueville – but I was curious how a fellow Anglo-Saxon / English-speaking democracy influenced the UK.

I can't remember once a 19th century British politician or political thinking referencing the US, but my knowledge of that period is relatively limited.

(I cannot think of single reference by a politician or by radical protestors to US politics and to the US constitution beyond the disgust that the vast majority of the British public had for slavery in the US).

p.s. I did try this question in r/askhistorian, but like so many questions there there was no answers.

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