I know there's like discrimination or xenophobia, etc, but none of those seem to hit the mark for the connotation I'm trying to get. It's certainly that idea – the idea, based in biological evolution, that we are hesitant and untrusting of things and people that are different and who we don't understand, but I guess I'm looking for a word that's less steeped in politically charged connotation and that's more well known or official of a word than "othering," which I did recently find to be associated with some field of philosophy in 90's, I would appreciate it if someone referenced what I'm thinking of. I first came across the term in a philosophy class in college by a really cool professor, but I ended up with the impression it was somewhat her own term or conceptualization. I'm not sure if the official use of the term that I saw used and referenced to some paper in I think the early 90's is what she familiarized me with, but I tried my best to explain what I'm looking for.

Also, I don't know where to share this and I'm sorry if it's the wrong place, but I'm writing some essay type thing that's sort of a commentary on the culture and psychology surrounding politics and divisiveness and just more broadly the social environment and how they're as much a product of evolution and survival mechanisms as is the biological evolution that gave us limbs and organs. Anyways it's like a weird blend of philosophy, sociology, psychology and evolution and it's like 2 pages and I want to share it with someone but I don't know where and I'd love for someone who's interested to give it a read. Shouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes. Maybe it could turn into a thesis or something someday. It would also give you the specific situation for the use of the term othering I'm looking for.

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