Personally, I prefer characters with little physical description – perhaps age, gender, and nationality if it’s important to the plot – sometimes I’m even happy if they don’t have a name! The reason I care about characters who aren’t as heavily described is because I can decide who they are in my head, I can make them into someone I care about, or I can compare them to someone I care about in real life – for example, if I’m reading about a character who is a male and mid 20’s, my mind may link this character to my big brother, thus making me care for the character more. (Hope that makes sense.

The character I always find myself caring most about is Mersault, the main character in Albert Camus’ novel ‘The Outsider’ or ‘The Stranger’ (depending on how you translate it). His lack of deep description and the events that surround him makes him into someone I want to understand more, and care about more as a result. Another favourite is Mrs De’Winter in the book ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier- her lack of a first name makes her slightly more alien, and her relationship with her husband makes me imagine her as my Mother, therefore making me care about her wellbeing that much more.

What makes you care about a character? Which character do you care about most, and why?

I hope this all makes sense and isn’t too rambling! Thanks 🙂

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