Stupid question, or is it?

What do you define as good pacing in story telling? A story can be described as having good pacing if it cuts out the boring meaningless paragraphs, the sentences and words that dampen the author's writing. Or in other words, it's streamlined, sharp, exciting. That can be considered good pacing, a story that's continuingly motivating you to turn the next page.

But, that may not be just it. That's just an opinion. That just means that the story is engaging, it doesn't mean it has good pacing; because a story like that may still have bad structure. The characters in the story moving from point A to point B, may divert to point Y and X, then F and Q, before they actually reach B. Maybe great exhilarating writing, but there's nighty pages of unnecessary content there.

That's two ways you can think of pacing in a story. Structure, and good writing. So what are your thoughts? What do you consider pacing?

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