My Grandfather was a West point officer who partook in both Korea and Vietnam, but almost always people are more interested in the fact that he was in Vietnam. In every part of the world the Korean war is nearly completely forgotten (except in Korea obviously), and quite frankly it baffles me how the world can forget about a war that most of Europe got involved in. But to be fair its more understandable that Europe would forget it than the United states, this was the only war that the United States has fought against china for an example.

I've always heard how deadly the Vietnam war was clocking in with 58,000 United States Soldiers killed in 14 years of war, with a grand total death count of both sides military and civilians being around 1.4 million.

Now the Korean war– the most forgotten large scale war since World War One. The United States lost around 54,000 Troops in.. 3 years.. in only 3 years the war had a grand total between 3-5 million.

It honestly saddens me that all of this history is nearly completely forgotten, and all of the deaths will not be remembered.

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