I'm writing this story that partly involves these elementary school age kids who like to play this particular game to test their skills against one another. There are a lot of games played, like handball, tetherball, whatever. But I need one that can be played in an indoor setting. Probably wouldn't be as phsyical, maybe something more hand-eye coordination based? I've wrote quite a lot of the circumstances that surround this "game", and developments that are had from it, yet I still don't know what the game itself will be. I don't want anything quite as simple as arm wrestling/thumb wrestling or something like that.

I don't know why, but I keep thinking of a shuffleboard type game except the kids are throwing objects into somehting, and it is competitive where the two players can mess up each other, somehow. Idk, just vague thought I have about it to fill it in in my head. I assumed there would be some already exising game that would be perfect for what I'm looking for, but maybe I'd have to make it up.

Any games ya'll know of that could fit?

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