I'm considering writing a web serial novel currently. For the web novel, I have four ideas I'm deciding between. I like them all about equally, so I figured seeing what other people think would help me decide what to work on. I'll give a title and a brief description of each. Any advice is appreciated.

  1. Untitled: Takes place in a world where certain young girls awaken the ability to speak to the souls of inanimate objects and other living things. They can wield incredible powers by convincing these souls to comply with their will. This ability is considered a gift from the gods, and any girls who are discovered to have it are taken to the nearest major temple to be trained to serve as priestesses. There is also a race of horned humanoids known as demons by humanity who can wield an advanced form of this power from birth. Luna is a half-demon, raised among the demons and kidnapped by the human church during a raid on her village. Sent to one of the temples to train, Luna, a pariah among both societies, must do her best to fit in while forging her own path.
  2. Stealing Fire: There are three races: humans, winged humanoids called Skybearers, and horned humanoids known by themselves as the Beast Tribe and by the others as demons. Due to the sins of one of the first demons, they live under the rule of the Skybearers. Aishira, a young demon training under her mother to be a priestess, seeks to steal the power of the gods in order to get revenge when her mother is killed in a human sacrifice penance ritual.
  3. Daughter of the Dungeon: The collective malice of large gatherings of humans causes large underground structures known as dungeons to form beneath large settlements. Within these dungeons, monsters form from particularly dense concentrations of malice, some of which are humanoid and sentient. People known as adventurers explore dungeons and keep them from growing by slaying the strongest monsters. One famous adventurer fell in love and had a daughter with one of the monsters, but committed suicide when he was shamed by the community for it, leaving the girl, Maki, stuck outside the dungeon as an orphan. She now seeks to become a famous adventurer in order to prove to her peers that she's not evil, and joins up with a shady party when the guild refuses to let her be a solo adventurer.
  4. I'm the Seventh Legendary Hero, but I Joined the Demon King's Army: Revolves around Landon, one of the seven heroes foretold in prophecy to defeat the demon king who recently appeared, rallying the many disparate tribes of demons to the cause of destroying the human kingdoms. Landon meets the king's daughter while they're both in the capital of his kingdom, only to get caught up in an assassination attempt on her. One thing leads to another, and before long he's been drafted into the demon king's forces.
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Writing this out has actually made me realize I like the first and third ideas the most, but I'm still on the fence between them. Still, feel free to let me know if you like one of the other two. Thanks.

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