I was thinking about this the other day . The Mycenae Empire must have worshipped the dieties that the later Greeks called “The Titans”. I came to this conclusion upon learning that even Greek Kings, at least most Greek kings, were believed to descend from Hercules . Hercules being the son of Zeus , that would make all Greek kings “God men”

This leads me to believe that the Mycenae Dynasties , the former empire of the Greek isles , were actually overthrown by some outside dynasty . A new dynasty . Maybe a dynasty that started within the Mycenae empire, but through social problems gained enough power to overthrow the Mycenae . Overthrow the old way of life. Overthrow the titans that control “the world”. Of course I know the myth about the Gods overthrowing the Titans , but I have an odd hunch that the Mycenae worshipped these titans and that’s what “overthrowing “ means . Like In a religious and dynastic sense. The religion of titan worship might have been overthrown by domestic problems , in the same way children can overthrow their parents .

Does anybody know the Mycenae Pantheon? Was it the same as the Greeks, or maybe did Hercules himself bring down the Titanic Mycenae ?

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