My favorite character from my own first book I have been working on, working on the plot and characters already but the plot is very very very long and complex and so are the characters so I haven’t started writing yet, his name is Kasaki Astaroth. (his name is Japanese albeit he lives in Oregon and is white, he was named after a Japanese god in-universe for reasons in the narrative)

He is my favorite character of mine for many reasons, apart from the main character of the book who is albeit a bit more fleshed out.

  1. He has a relatively sarcastic and disconnected cadence to everyone around him and has a hard time taking things too seriously. He is only 31 but he has a really wise perspective on the people around him given his circumstances.

  2. He went to prison for third degree manslaughter, this is a long story, and this relates to him having a hard time reflecting or showing empathy for others. He understands how others feel about things, but him forcing feelings for the people around him is increasingly difficult and only gets harder for him with age.

  3. He had no father figure growing up, but he was raised from age 2 by his mother who only could show rudimentary emotion and didn’t give him the attention that a child should routinely get at a young age. Kasaki, despite having a mother like this, managed to graduate high school early in 1953 at age 16 despite being on the verge of dropping out (story takes place in 1968) and he travelled to Nevada in search of free opportunities and a place where no one would have to rely or interact with him, as he felt like he couldn’t interact with people without hurting them or misrepresenting his true intentions. (this is a very basic TLDR of his upbringing but you get it)

  4. He has a really great appearance, as weird as that sounds. Before I turned this narrative into a book, I was going to make it a manga, so I do and still draw my own characters all the time and Kasaki has one of my favorite appearances. Scruffy, elongated beard that connects to his slightly curly hair, tall and husky appearance exterior with deep blue eyes, a buttery voice with a deep rural charisma, slightly big nose, etc.

  5. Despite not being able to really show true affection, his emotions tend to come out in the form of intimacy. He is awful at relating to other people’s emotions and connecting with them on that level, but intimately, he is a teddy bear. This gives him a charisma I feel is great for a character to have, especially someone like him.

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Overall, he has a ridiculous amount of flaws and negatives that may detour some people, but he has a lot of wisdom and insight to give the world and he just wants to express his own, albeit, fucked up version of himself to those willing to listen.

(boy do i love rambling about my own characters)

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