I just let my mom read the latest draft of my first (fantasy) fiction book. She's a college professor and has read a TON of fiction, so she couldn't resist editing the entire thing. Her biggest issue was contractions–she corrected every single one that wasn't in dialog. Since then, we've been discussing whether or not I should keep her corrections. Obviously contractions don't belong in academic writing, but I put them in my fiction wherever I feel that it makes the sentence run more smoothly. That said, as a writer of fantasy fiction I'm wondering if more casual writing might take away from the reader's immersion. Tolkien has always been my primary inspiration, but I also like that my style offers a modern, more easily read dose of fantastic content.

So the question I pose to you, fellow writers and readers is threefold: (1) Generally, what do you think of contractions in fiction writing? (2) Specifically, what do you think of contractions in fantasy fiction? (3) Do you have any recommendations for authors that I might look at who could show me the effectiveness of using/not using contractions?

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