I'm 21F and have struggled with depression and anxiety almost half of my life. To cope with that, I've been writing a story, but through an interactive game program. I'm curious what people's opinions are of visual novels. What are similarities and differences do you guys notice?

Sometimes it makes honestly me feel like less of a "writer" because it's not a traditional book, because it has picture backgrounds and characters whose reaction you can see. But I just think that's so cool.

It feels almost like I'm writing a play or a tv show, with scenes. It's so much fun and so exciting. I may never even publish it but just looking at this thing I did is such a fantastic feeling. If I do finish maybe i can find a way to translate it to a written novel.

I also enjoy visual novels because they can be really good for people who don't normally like reading. It got me back into reading when my anxiety was so bad i couldn't focus on something for more than 5 minutes at a time.

What are your thoughts?

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