I apologise if this goes against any sort of rules here. I've check through the rule bar and have found nothing that would compromise this sort of question. Flaired nsfw just in case.

This question is about writing or reading novels that contains dark, taboo, immoral, psychological or otherwise socially unacceptable and/or sensitive topics.

What is your take on this?

Would you care about what others think if either you or they write such things?

What are your boundaries in regards to this sort of content whether you are reading or writing it yourself?

Do you think that writers should be able to write about these sorts of topics in a fictional setting and not be criticised about it?

Would you question the writers moral character if they write about these dark and gritty themes?

I'm personally quite new to writing and I've recently developed an intrigue for apocalypse and primal themed concepts and stories. This includes topics of societal collapse, primal reversion and the consequential psychological aspects that come of it. From this topic there are many dark, gritty and morally questionable aspects that can potentially be written.

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