For some odd reasons, in the mainstream view of Africa, the Zulu kingdom founded by Shaka kaSenzangakhona, that, even if I don't have a personal problem with it, doesn't represent Africa in a good manner to me at least, and spread the image of bloodthirsty noble savage, while as a whole, Africa was no different from the rest of the old world. Ethiopia is also popular in the media (mostly because its victory against Italy and it being a old Christian contry, and its art) as well as the Mali empire, largely due to mansa mussa, the famous richest ruler of the world, and I'm glad they are starting to be talked about more in the mainstream media, although usually not deep enough. But if you did some research, you might know about some other influential power like Merina, The Adal sultanate, Bornu, songhai or the madhist state and if so, for you,subjectively, which african state should be more discussed or present in documentaries, books, films, video games or even on YouTube?

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