I roleplay and write fanfiction. I recently watched an animated series and want to write something of my own. Thing is, I only have two, very specific scenes I want to write about and time wise, it would be at least 6 months between these two scenes.

These two scenes are basically the start and end of a mini-series. There could be so many events that happen in the middle, so many characters to add, so much more detail.

But I have no idea what to write for the middle. And I don't want to force myself to write nonsense. The plot just won't work. If I put the two scenes together with a 6 months later announcement, it would look as if someone took the first and last 2 minutes of a movie and said "There you go – done".

If I could draw, this could be a mini-comic or two, but even then it would seem so sudden, so disjointed…

So my question would be if there's even a name for a disjointed piece of work? Or am I just looking at ideas that will forever remain as ideas and not words? What could I do to bridge those two bits?

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