After Jim Carrey posted a picture he drew of Mussolini and his mistress hanged and posted this on twitter, his granddaugther Alessandra Mussonlini, Member of the European Parlement, called him a bastard and started arguing with people on twitter.

But this got me thinking, what was Mussolini's reign like prior to WWII? I know Italy was woefully unprepaired to enter WWII and the army wouln'd be ready until '42. And I know that he rooted out most of the mafia in the south, did not ran the trains on time, tried to get Itallians to east rice instead of pasta and, correct me if I'am wrong, Italy under Mussolini did, in general, fairly average during the great depression and to up untill WWII.

But set aside the armed forces and the disastrous Ehtiopia campaign, how did the goverment preform from 1922 to let's say '38, when he failed to protect Austria.

I like to know more about this era in Itallian history, so if you can also reccomend some good books, that would be helpfull, but I dont really have the time to read them, so if you could be so kind to summarize them, that would be great.

(sorry for the poor grammar)

Source: reddit post


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