The 20th July marked the 75th anniversary of Stauffenberg's assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. Here in Germany, lots of media outlets talked about this and Chancellor Merkel even held a speech (link points to the German transcript of the speech, couldn't find a translation, sorry). She basically described Stauffenberg a symbol for resistance and she said that sometimes, disobedience is a necessity to fight against evil. So, Stauffenberg is held in high regard for trying to tear down Hitler and the Nazis with him.

But, I have heard on numerous occasions (e.g. my history teacher in school many years ago) that Stauffenberg was actually not trying to destroy the Nazi reign or fighting against their ideology. I've heard that he was in fact a Nazi himself and believed in the ideology. He just wanted Hitler gone as he realized that he wasn't capable of leading the Reich anymore. That's why he attempted to assassinate him, according to these stories.

So, what's true? Was Stauffenberg trying to destroy the Nazi reign or was he just trying to save it because he thought of Hitler as incompetent?

Source: reddit post

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