Kind of tired of reading people tirelessly praising the German Reich for its technological edge during WW2. I know that most of those invention was impractical for military purpose or produced in too little number thus I do not wish to discuss about that. Instead I would like to focus on the other side of the war, aka the allied inventions.

So, here is my current list that I made with a few researches, could you help me to expend it?

-The atomic bomb: Much more than the V2, the only strategical weapon that could have an influence of the outcome of the war.

– The Colossus: Considered to be the first computer and could crack a code several magnitudes faster than anything existing.

– The Radar: A well known invention, however at the eve of WW2, multiple countries had functional radar although the British exploited its potential the best and its role during the battle of Britain has been exaggerated to cover the role of Bletchley Park.

-ASDIC/Sonar: Although it was discovered by the allies during WW1, the British considerably improved the primitive hydrophone of WW1 to make it a mature technology.

-Huff/Duff Radiogoniometry: Another invention in the electromagnetic sensors field, used during the battle of the Atlantic to analyse the radio traffic and find the position of U-boat by triangulation.

– The Catalytic cracking: makes it possible to produce high octane gasoline that gives superior performance to Allied aircraft (including Soviet via lease).

– The proximity fuses: detonate the device automatically when under a certain range from the target, considerably improved the air defense efficiency.

– The Penicillin: used for medical purpose for the first time in WW1, this antibiotic avoided countless amputations

– The bouncing bomb: used to destroy dams, a gimmick weapon and the least decisive of my list.

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