Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone could help me out and explain what were the underlying reasons which led to Meiji restoration/Tokugawa shogunate fall? I understand that in broad strokes it was due to western presence showing how technologically lacking Japan was and that supposedly the Tokugawa shogunate was overthrown for the sake of modernization. But it is hard to believe that's really the underlying reason for the civil war and Meiji revolution. Sounds like oversimplification. I mean were those nobles really fighting out of an ideal to modernize Japan and not for some underlying personally beneficial reasons?

Further Tokugawa shogunate by the end of it were the one's who were looking to modernize, while the forces behind Meiji revolution initially were looking to expel the foreigners/were against their modern technology. How did that change?

I would really be grateful for an in depth answer addressing this topic from the multiple aspects that played a role.

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