What were the repercussions for German companies that supplied Hitler’s war machinery?


Lots of well known German companies which are still in business today were important suppliers to Germany's war machinery. Among them:

– Car manufacturers BMW and Volkswagen, obviously supplied vehicles or vehicle parts

– Pharma giant Bayer, arguably the worst supplier because they produced the chemicals which were used in the holocaust (but also basic material used in machinery production)

– Engineering giant Bosch, manufactured various parts for almost the entire war machinery (it is said that there was not a single German tank that didn't have a Bosch part in it)

– Steel manufacturer Krupp, produced weaponry

– Fashion brand Hugo Boss, designed and equipped military uniforms, among them the SS

Not only did they heavily support the military prowess of Germany, but almost all of them had forced labourers (among them prisoners of war) working for them.

After the war ended, did the allies in any way punish those companies or demand compensation in any form?

Or did said companies just go on with their regular business after the war ended?

I am sure that most of these companies didn't have a choice, they couldn't just say "no" to Hitler, but still, my question remains.

Thanks ahead for any answers!

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