Edit: "Any" was meant to be "an", as in a single antagonist throughout all three parts

I'm writing a novel that's fairly long, having 3 separate arcs(think like the Lord of the Rings being splittable into 3 different movies despite being one book) about the protagonist's own journey of self discovery and maturation, without having any main antagonists. But I'm having trouble thinking of 3 arcs for them to go through, as most movies or books about maturation and coming of age are contained to a single arc.

Does anyone know of any series or trilogy(anime, books, tv shows, etc.) that have a protagonist go through more than one character arc, or writing tips to writing characters with multiple arcs/how to make a good finale in the last arc to encompass all prior arcs of the story? The closest I've thought of is the Toy Story trilogy, since Woody has 3 different arcs of development he goes through with each new scenario.

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