I made up these formats but I don't know which to use. These are examples.

1- The maiden stands up and turns around, and with an intimidating voice she says:

—You have to pass by me first, demon!

2- "I don't think that's how it went, but it's a good start." Says the horned man as he enters the room holding a large book.

3- Silver Dragon: "Indeed, I was the one, the very same dragon, although I have abandoned my ways long ago, now I live peacefully with nature."

I like the second one, but I also like to first tell who's talking and give details as to how they're talking, the first one tells you who is talking and how they're talking, but it feels cluttered. The third one says who's talking and it is nice and simple, but the reader doesn't know how they're talking (ex:. menacing voice, doing a gesture, falling, etc…)

Which one do you guys think it's best, are there other types that are better than these? keep in mind I don't read that much, so don't tell me to go read books.

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