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I learned the tale started with this paragraph written 100 years after the event started it all:

Where the adversity of the Alaric was, said to himself: what he would do, would consider it, he was suddenly overtaken by an untimely death and departed this life. 158That too much self mourned Busentus near the city of Consentia its derivatives from € "for this stream by the foot of a mountain near the city of flows with its wholesome â €" is now in the midst of its prisoners bed to dig into this pit Alaric, together with many treasures, and then turned the waters back into their channel, and the place is not to be known by anyone, at times, all the miners, killed them, and in the reign of the Visigoths, the diggers and minds of your kinsman in the form of commonly-agreed, and they will deliver; although they do not: for it was built so tall in stature, as much as the beauty of face and body do or die.

Is his writing from sources or just inferring this all happened?

Source: reddit post


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