I was surprised to learn that the US only reopened diplomatic relations with the holy see in 1984. It was a Cold War political maneuver by Reagan, as pope John Paul II was an influential anti-communist, but it still struck me as odd that America, a country with massive Catholic immigrant populations (Ireland, Italy, etc.), did not have diplomatic ties with one of the most powerful institutions in Christian society. This realization put the influence of America's puritan roots into perspective, and also got me thinking:

When did anti-Catholicism die down in the states and UK?

I'd always assumed it was during and after JFK's presidency for the US, but after doing some reading I came across information about influential protestant lobbies that survived into at least the late 70's.

I'm entirely lost about the UK, as the history of religious wars may make it a longer lasting issue than in the US despite close anglo-american political connectivity.

At what point did the average American/Brit not care about the Protestant v. Catholic divide?

Edit: Forgot to ask about UK in text of post, excuse my stupidity

Source: reddit post

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