Seems like thats not the case. Since the two sides had pretty much the same gear and troops. There was some differences like the armor, shields and swords looked a bit different and the vikings had the Dane-Axe, but in the end of the day they had pretty much the same gear no? Bringing this up because i often see people saying vikings or Saxons were superior and kicked the other ones ass.

Yea i know the Saxons won most battles, but that mostly due to having more men, specially more Huscarls. Like one Saxon kind managed to raise a good amount of Huscarls before the battle of Stamford bridge. By the way i know the vikings actually had more men for that battle, but they were spread out. Some were on the other side of the bridge and got crushed before that battle actually really started and some were guarding their ships, first arriving to help the vikings when they had pretty much already lost ( They came to late ).

Source: reddit post


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