I found a newspaper article which happened to mention that some guy in Grand Forks North Dakota received a phone call from New York in May 1911. I am wondering when the first time this would have been possible. I did find a newspaper article saying, coincidentally, that in May 1911, the first phone call was placed directly between New York and Denver, which lies substantially to the west of Grand Forks. North Dakota was served by Northwestern Bell. The head of the Bell companies, Vail, said that he wanted to unite the different phone services to make it possible to call nationally. But I am wondering precisely when it would have been possible to call from New York to Grand Forks North Dakota. Does anyone know?

EDIT: For what it's worth, I found the first advertisement in Grand Forks for the Bell Long Distance service in Febuary 1910. But I don't know for sure if and when they first actually called New York from Grand Forks.

Source: reddit post

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