I've been reading Nature and Wealth: Overcoming Environmental Scarcity and Inequality. In the first chapter, under Trading networks and accumulation of wealth, there's a summary of how trade developed within history, from pre-historic trade, to what I assume would be the Bronze Era (Ancient Egypt, Phoenicia, Greek and Roman Empires).

This got me curious about how historic modes of transport came into play with the expansion of trade geographically. Obviously, I assume early trade was through "walking with the goods". Until when did this last? When were human-driven carts/chariots involved? When do horses/camels/elephants/other animals come into play? Do we know much about when ships became a mode for trade prior to trade between Egypt and Phoenicia pre-3500BC? Any modes prior to presents modes (i.e. trains, cars, trucks) that I didn't bring up?

I'm sorry if that's too many questions, but it's something I got curious about.

TL;DR: title.

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