I'm doing some research on a medieval ancestor of mine and I've hit a bit of a wall. His name was, depending on the source, Odo or Ode de Turre/Torre/Tourrys/Tours, and most likely from Normandy. I have been trying to find out where this place he was from is, and I found a couple of possibilities but not all of them are in Normandy. There is a village south of Paris called Toury, but it seems too far south to be the origin of a Norman. The other possibility I found was the city of Tours, but again that's really far south. Last night I found a post about this on another site by someone claiming that a fair number of Normans did in fact come from the city of Tours, but I can't seem to find it again. I've never heard anything about people from farther south taking part in the Norman invasions, is it true that they did? Or would Normans have been living that far south at the time? Any I formation would be greatly appreciated!

Source: reddit post

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