When writing in 1st person, how many narrators is too many?


So last year I posted a short story on Archive of Our Own about a mage and her apprentice, and it alternated first person between the two main characters. At the end of the story, the mage took on a second apprentice. Now I'm writing a sequel to that story with all three characters, and I'm trying to figure out how to do this.

My idea for this sequel is that both students are given a task to complete, and it would follow each of them as they complete this task, with the mentor dropping in when they've completed it. Since it's a sequel, I'd like to keep the mentor and the original student in first person. Would it be too confusing to alternate between three heads? If so, would it be jarring to have the original characters in first person, but the new character in third? That sounds like it could be an interesting way to set her apart, but I don't want this story to be more messy than it needs to be.

If it makes any difference, I'm planning on releasing this as a serial. Would people be more forgiving of three narrators if I kept it to one narrator per episode?

Thanks in advance, feel free to ask clarification questions if I was vague somewhere in this.

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