Where do I start? Writing a Fiction novel


So I had this idea that hit me like a ton of bricks in the shower. I’ve always wanted to write , and back in college I was great at short stories and English classes were always fun for me. Never had an issue writing an essay , especially on interpreting books of timeless origin.

But it’s been so long. And I want to dive into the process of organize. World creating. It’s not a fantasy fiction but fiction that takes place in the real world with a small but huge idea that wouldn’t ever happen. I have ideas on characters, but what scares me is continuity , I can create the arc , and the climax which leads to change in my main character, but I want to learn the ways of organizing outlining and any other tips writers would offer that really navigate my novel as I’m writing it.

Thank you , I know it’s not a specific question but I guess I’m asking exactly how you go from idea to final page.

Thank you Reddit!

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