Where do western values come from?


It seems to be a talking point recently that western values: humanism, freedom of speech, democracy, equality, ect derive directly come from a Judeo-Christianity. I haven't found this to be particularly compelling.

I know the general hisyory is that Western Values as we know them today come from the enlightenment, which strang up from humanist thought. I know a bit about the birth of humanism with Petrarch and William Ockham, and Christianity certainly played an important role in western civilization. For instance the church was instrumental in doing away with Trial by Ordeals in the early middle ages, but they still had witch trials into the renaissance.

As I understand it many cities had Republican governments already in the high/late middle ages. And clearly democracy and Republicanism come from ancient Greece and Rome, but is there something more that I am missing? Did Christianity or Judaism birth are modern values.

Source: reddit post


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