I have a small publication that I write and publish on a monthly basis. It's not very old yet, but I have over 500 subscribers already. The publication is specifically for a creative community and every month there is a "star" of the month who is a prominent member of the creative community who I interview. I also show their works as part of the article.

Last month I had a particular (somewhat well-known) author who was the "star" of that month and I interviewed them and will publish soon. However, that author seems to want to CONTROL the editing process. He wants to proof the article (which I let him do once, early on) and also see everything that I'm doing prior to publishing. I am on my 12th issue and at this point, nobody has done this or anything even close to it. I've been writing for nearly 40 years and feel like my work product is pretty clean. I feel like I've given him his proof chance (and made his few corrections except for one, which I thought was just a style thing) and that's all I really "owe" him… yet he wants more. I don't need another writer making style changes, layout changes, etc., on my work. The magazine is mine to write and layout however I want.

How should I deal with this guy? I have no idea what to say without offending him. Should I let him proof it AGAIN? It seems like excessive control on his part, like he's trying to exert control over my process and my work product. I've been in publishing off and on for decades, I've never seen an author do this before, it's really weird.

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What would you do?

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