Which books would you consider a perfect 10/10 in your eyes? It doesn't matter if it's a popular classic or if it's an underrated gem that feels like only you've read it, please just share with me the books you consider perfect and maybe a little reason why you think so. Feel free to post one book or multiple books.

For me, the books I consider perfect are Les Miserables, Don Quixote, Watership Down and The Iliad (there's bound to be more but for the time being these are the ones that pop into my head).

Les Miserables – it's tragic but also immensely life-affirming. You can't help but love Jean Valjean: for every wrong he does, he attempts to right it and throughout his life he sticks by that ethic even when it's the most difficult thing to do. There's so many characters that intertwine and interact with each other that it's hard not to fall for some of the relationships in this book too, especially Marius and Eponine. They're both clearly underdogs that were meant to be together but life just has its ways of complicating things.

Don Quixote – it's incredibly funny, with plenty of little jokes directly from Cervantes that criticises the author of an unauthorised sequel of Don Quixote that was published before Cervantes could finish the second volume of his novel. Don Quixote is both a fool and a genius. It's hard not to admire his constant determination to succeed even if his attempts are doomed to fail (the obvious example is the windmill charge but that's such a small segment of the large book: I loved the part where he confuses two flocks of sheep as two warring factions and decides to try and help both).

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Watership Down – a beautiful look at environmental concerns, dictatorships, folklore and religion through the adventure of a group of rabbits in search of a new home. The adventure is full of intricacies such as stories of the great rabbit El-Ahrairah, the black rabbit of Inle, the social and gender roles of the rabbits, communication amongst different species, etc. Also that ending is going to stick with you. Very excited about the BBC series coming this December.

The Iliad – a little slow to start (but understandable as the ship catalog and soldier registry is almost like Homer's way of name-dropping the names of people in the audiences he used to orate to as well as their family members that were in the military) but once this beast of an epic poem gets going, it doesn't slow down. The violence is unflinching (two ways of tasting copper!) and it's full of Greek Gods throwing shade; soldiers' trash talking; interior politics and manipulation from both the soldiers and Gods; and an incredible tragedy (I won't spoil how the book ends for those unfamiliar with Greek mythology and The Iliad but even if you are aware of what happens, reading how it develops to that point in The Iliad is haunting and it still lingers with me a year after having read it).

TL;DR: which books do you consider perfect 10/10s? Not just the books you really like, but the books that don't seem to do any wrong at all!

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