For a short story concept, I have come up with 4 possible creature designs. Which one would likely work for this particular concept?

Scenario: Two brothers are hunting out in a secluded forest. One is in his early thirties, while the younger one is in his late teens. A few hours into the hunting trip, a mysterious creature ambushes them. The younger brother is horribly mauled, but the older brother briefly fends the creature off just before it could kill him. Unfortunately, the creature has resumed its hunt, and is hellbent on finishing off it’s prey.

Possible creature designs:

Avian: The creature has dark brown feathers, with tips of black on the wings. Its body shape heavily resembles a panther. The head strongly resembles a wolf, only with a hooked beak.

It’s talons are about 6 inches long and useful for grasping and tearing. The talons are powerful enough to strip flesh from bone. The creatures is about 8 feet long from nose to tail, while the wingspan is about 20 feet from tip to tip.

Reptile: The creature has a large angular head, with 5 inch serrated teeth. The creature is mostly quadrupedal in it’s movements, but can stand on its hind legs for brief periods of time. It is very slender, yet well muscled in build.

The creature is the size of large dog, and can reach to a man’s chest when standing on its hind legs. It’s skin color is dark green, with spotted patches of light green scattered across the body.

Mammal: The creature is very humanoid in body shape and walking stance. It is about 12 feet tall in height, and is extremely stocky and well muscled. It’s head is extremely man like in shape, but is permanently hunched over. It’s fingernails are dagger like, and can tear a person’s entails from his/her stomach with relative ease. The creature’s unearthly elongated arms and legs are almost human like in appearance.

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The body is covered in thick dark gray fur from head to toe. The fur covers its face, leaving few facial features visible. The only facial features visible is a long sausage shaped nose and glowing red eyes. It’s fur hides a formidable jaw, with a bite force equal to that of a lion.

Arthropod: This creature is a very large scorpion the size of a pickup truck, just excluding the tail. It has two sets of mandibles, with multiple set of eyes. The head is oval like in shape, with rectangular crests protruding from the head. It’s legs are twice the height of an average human, and are clearly capable of scaling through difficult terrain.

The piercer claws are powerful enough to rip a door off a car. It’s stinger tail is about 15 feet long, with the stinger tip itself is about 12 inches in length. It’s exoskeleton color is sandy brown.

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