Which side of the war did the American Mafia support? If either.


I remember from the Godfather (1972) when Michael came home from service in 1945 and I thought to myself, "Isn't Michael serving as a Marine kind of wrong?", considering the United States was fighting against Italy at the time. I am aware that the Godfather is fiction, but I think its still an interesting thought. Did the American Mafia support the American (Allied) side of the war, the Italian (Axis) side of the war, or did the Mafia stay out of the war all together? Assuming the Sicilian Mafia supported the Italian side of war and the American Mafia supported the American side, did this cause any tension between them? If the American Mafia supportd the Axis side of the war, did the U.S. government do anything to prevent them from committing trechery, sort of like what they did with the Japanese-Americans? I have many questions lol….

Edit: Thanks for all the responses guy. I didn't know Mussolini tried eliminating the Sicilian Mafia but it makes sense now considering the Mafia had the potential of undermining the Fascist regime. I read up about Operation Underworld, it's kind of cool knowing that despite being criminals, they still had some moral compass, that and if the Allies lost, it would hurt business too, lol. I also read up about Operation Husky and it kind of blew my mind, tbh, I never even considered the possibility of the Sicilian Mafia and other Italians helping the Allies. Welp, it's late for me so good night (or good day) everybody.

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