Our species, Homo sapiens, first appeared in approximately 315,000 years ago, started showing “evidence of modernity” 50,000 years ago, and developed the first known civilization in Mesopotamia about 7500 years ago.

If these humans are anatomically, genetically, and intellectually identical to modern humans, why would it take them over 300,000 years to develop a civilization? Especially in the context of how far we’ve advanced since the Sumerians in just 7500 years.

Is the process really THAT slow? Or do you think that there may have been civilizations that developed before Sumeria, but we just don’t have any concrete evidence of them quite yet?

EDIT: Quite a few people have been bringing up Gobekli Tepe, which I think is a very good example of how there were civilizations that predate the Sumerians. It seems far too large and complex to not be built by a people who have had a lot of experience in engineering, astronomy, and masonry.

Source: reddit post

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