Why did Napoleon on Moscow rather than saint Petersburg ?


Most of us know of Napoleon failed invasion of Russia.Napoleon gather his Grand Army to invade Russia,the Russians scorched the earth ahead of Napoleon's army,the French and the Russians fight near the town of borodino(if it was a win or loss for the French I will leave it for the reader),Napoleon enters Moscow but find it abandoned,a fire set the city a blaze leaving the French with out supplies,the grand army marched back in the middle of winter and the army was mostly annihilated from disease,the weather,starvation,desertion,and of course battle fatalities.

This well known, what I don't know is why didn't Napoleon marched on saint Petersburg instead?

It was the capital of the empire and where the emperor (Alexander I) lived,to me it was an obvious target for Napoleon,since didn't want to conquer Russia,just forced to return to the Continental system(the trade union that excluded Great Britain from Europe).

Source: reddit post


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