Why did the Central Powers win the Izonzo campaign so quickly with the addition of only six German divisons?


Hey all! I'm a bit of a WWI nut and am always looking to learn more. For example, I just read a big book on Rommel, which included his actions in this campaign, and it brought back an old train of thought.

How is it that the addition of a mere six German divisions added into the 12th Battle of the Izonzo (aka Caporetto) broke a stalemate in the rugged mountain terrain so quickly, and with so many Italian losses? The Austrians and Italians had been slugging it out for months with massive casualties and no real gains, but a mere six German divisions caused a near-total shattering of the Italian army on that front.

Was it something the Germans had that the Italians/Austrians didn't? Were the Italians/Austrians just tired in a way the Germans weren't? Was it just dumb luck, and six Austro-Hungarian divisions could have done it same as the German ones? I have family ties to the Italian side in this campaign, so I've always been a bit curious.

Source: reddit post


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