This is something that I really did not understand since my high school days and college days when going for my major in English.

We read books and then we are asked to analyze what message the author is trying to get across, or what themes are used in the book. This pretty much translated over to my writing classes, where my teachers or professors would always note:

"Where is the theme or message in your story?"

Is the term "writing for the fun of it without worrying about giving a theme or deep philosophy to move readers" nonexistent now? I've never really gotten the entire concept of so many teachers and literary critics pushing for such things. It's like it is a mandatory requirement for your story to have a theme to it, which I find stupid because most authors when they write just write and it's the readers who make up the themes or messages the author is trying to get across.

Is anyone else annoyed by this, or is it just me?

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