This will contain spoilers for the Secret History by Donna Tartt, I highly recommend you read it, it's an amazing book.

One problem. I have with some character's in literature is that, while they're supposed to have a problem with something, dyslexia being the example here, it's never really represented well or continuously shown. Percy Jackson is an example of such, beyond Percy's struggle to read English, he has no other issues in his day to day life which many other dyslexics will face. Bunny is the opposite.

Now I should state before hand that Bunny isn't a nice character, he's a nasty person and he's written that way on purpose, but all the other characters, even Richard, the narrator, himself are written with their fatal flaws and a strong acknowledgement that none of them are good people from the author. The quirks bunny has however are the best illustration of problems that myself and others face daily.

To start with the easy parts, Bunny has both poor spelling, grammar and handwriting, these are the notorious problems for dyslexics (though not all will suffer with them), in his letters that he sends to different characters, we can see that his grammar and spelling is poor as well as having Richard state how hard it is for him to read.

The second is his ownself management skills, by this I refer to how Richard will describe him as looking messy and such. Poor organisation is another problem that we face and its not overly well known.

Then we also have his difficulty with Greek. Now while he certainly doesn't appear bad at it, if you bring that into context with the others, considering that he brags about doing Greek for years before, to compare that with the progress of the others, you would expect him to be more advanced (Henry should be considered an expection due to the assumption that he would learn languages faster as both a genius and a polyglot.)

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Now here's the problem. I forgot the rest, so I'm going to post this and if I remember any more I'll post it in an edit.

I would appreciate other's opinions and views on the topic, expecially if you have more examples.

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