I understand we live in a real world; where all sorts of bad things happen – racism; sexism; rape; corruption; colonisation; slavery and all the general badness the common man has been subjected to by his neighbour.

But such things happening is exactly why I do not agree with writers like George RR Martin when he kills my favourite characters "because that is just how the world is." People do not have to be told by a writer on how the world is. they just have to be alive. I love George RR Martin. I love his diction and his wit and his plot. twists But killing favourite characters just because the bad guy wins in real life? NO. Get me right; I do not mind characters going through tough times; I do not even mind major characters dying – as long as the main goal gets archived. Of course Ned died after uncovering the truth about some things in the King's palace; and it sparked a war that got us where we are right now. His death is understandable as the cause of the war of the five kings. I took it as an important part of creating conflict.

But for me, the main goal in literature is – escape. I want my readers to escape the harsh realities of the real world they live in and imagine what it would be like to live in a world where the good guys win. Maybe a book may not be enough to change the world, because bad people do rule this world unfortunately; but what is the point of reading a book if all I get is more of what I can experience by just looking out the window?

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I understand how writers of dystopia are trying to warn us where the world is heading to if we keep treating each other and our environment like enemies; but I personally take reading as therapy; and I want my therapy to feel good in the end. I want readers to understand that the human race will never stop trying no matter how many bad things happen to them.

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